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This Christmas, when conversations are stalling, why not pose one of these impossible-to-choose Would You Rather sex questions instead? At the very least, it’ll get you out of that awkward small talk (and into a long, hypothetical debate on the ethics of sleeping with Santa.)


1. WOULD YOU RATHER: Grind up on a mall santa for an hour OR be forced to watch your ex make out with someone under the mistletoe for six hours?


2. WOULD YOU RATHER: Have eggnog breath every time you kiss someone OR have “Jingle Bells” play loudly every time you’re turned on?


3. WOULD YOU RATHER: Wear an ugly Christmas sweater to your wedding OR a wedding dress the entire month of December?


4. WOULD YOU RATHER: Fall in love with a gingerbread man OR find out your soul mate re-gifted everything they ever gave you?

5. WOULD YOU RATHER: Accidentally gift your mom a vibrator OR catch your parents boning behind the tree?


6. WOULD YOU RATHER: Have to always sing “12 Days of Christmas” before and after sex OR only be able to be turned on if your partner dresses up as a Christmas elf?


7. WOULD YOU RATHER: Have it blizzard every time you go out on a date OR have to listen to carol singers every time you want to have sex?


8. WOULD YOU RATHER: Have sex while both wrapped in Christmas lights OR make out while eating Christmas cookies?


9. WOULD YOU RATHER: Date the Grinch for a full year OR never get to celebrate Christmas again?

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