Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage just turned 3 years old. To keep the romance alive and give Kim something to post about on social media, Kanye sent her an absurd amount of of flowers. Kim snapchatted this very important moment. Do behold:


The internet, rather than rejoicing in the gesture’s romance, sheer abudance, etc., has pointed out that, hey, these flowers look a little strange all bundled up in these little mounds. My colleague here at contends these blooms most resemble mold. At least one person on Twitter has argued that an apt comparison is weed. But the vast majority of the internet seems to agree they are most suggestive of that produce we all know just screams romance — cauliflower.

Saw this on Kim Kardashian’s story and thought it was huge cauliflower LOL


Kim also posted photo of her and Kanye on Instagram, to remind the world theirs is a love that, quite unlike her Snapchats, will endure through the decades.

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