Born Kenny Bolivar, Mizta B was born and raised in New York City's

projects to Dominican/Venezuelan parents, who were a political activist

and a hair stylist. As a child, his family left New York and migrated to

Fort Lauderdale Florida in pursuit of a better life. It was there that Mizta

B excelled as a basketball player, but his life long passion for music

would not allow his hoop dreams to become a reality, as his natural talent

as a beat boxer and rapper would soon be realized by his peers.

Mizta B got his first break performing with a local rap group named

"Dream Team&" where he was given the opportunity to open for superstar

artist PitBull, making his mark in the South Florida community as an

artist destined for stardom. After sneaking into the Hit Factory, the rapper

Mizta B soon experienced life-altering change when he met with Bob

Marley's legendary producer, who taught him the skills necessary to start

producing his own tracks. Since then he has never looked back. Heavily

influenced by hip hop and his Hispanic heritage, Mizta B has since then

emerged as a force to be reckoned with; establishing his own niche in the

rap industry with a style some say is a cross between the smooth vocals

of Fabolous and the sex appeal and charisma of L.L Cool J.

His purpose is to move the world and influence universal unity through

his music. He doesn't follow any rules and his heart entertains no fear toward

positive change.

With this being his personal mantra and creed by which he lives, it is

inevitable that Mizta B would soon realize these dreams, with

international success being his destiny.





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