Happy Mother And Son

(Jorge Ruiz-Newark,NJ) Sacrifice is a word that many like to use but do not really understand what it entails. To find the definition of sacrifice ask your parents or the person that was there to raise you. There will be endless stories as how they put everything aside to see you happy. The decisions that were made to see you succeed.

Sacrifices are the endless hours that your parents spent working to provide the family with food. The smile they presented to you when they really wanted to cry because they felt lost and hopeless. That field trip that costed a few dollar in exchange of their lunch. The hours spent with you doing homework after a long day at work. That plate that was never served for them at the dinner table. The world of endless opportunity that was presented to you when they did not have anything. They did all of that just because of you, because they want to give a life better than theirs, a opportunity they never had. A sacrifice is something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. Parents sacrifice time and sleep to take care of their children and I hope we all pay them back with our success.

Please watch the following video and say thank you to your parents.



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