(Jorge Ruiz-Newark,NJ) If you have any sort of social media you are familiar with #WCW and #MCM. For those that aren’t to internet savvy #WCW stands for Women Crush Wednesday and #MCM stand for Man Crush Monday or Man Candy Monday. These days have been  picked for people to tell the world who they are “Crushing” on. Of course we have some followers that are a bit more annoying than others when it comes to this #MCM #WCW.

For you to become a #WCW you must fall under one of these categories, unless you have that one creepy guy that has millions of pictures of you.

  1. Old friend
    1. You are that old friend that I miss and wish that things were still the same. For some reason we are not as close as we used to but I’m going to just put a pictures up of you and say how great you are. Instead of texting you and actually trying to catch up with you or setting up a day for us to eat and catch up. Sound great!
  2. BFF (Best Friends Forever)
    1. Lets make this clear bestie, if I am going to be in the friend zone you need to help me smash all your friends. Maybe this is why I don’t have BFF.
  3. The Crush
    1. This indicates that you have been “Talking” and that this thing going on between both of you might work. Make sure that if you still decide to post a picture of them, its one of both of you and she is aware of how you feel. Because if by any chance she does not know, she is either going to freak out and think you re a creep or believe that you too are now together in a great relationship. Reality is once you post this picture the following will happen.
      1. That girl you always though was hot and you never had a chance is going to tell you she always thought you were cute
      2. Her Ex is now going to hit her with the ” That’s your new nigga?” text
      3. If her ex got it like that she will probably go back to him
  4. The Girlfriend
    1. The “I have the best girlfriend in the world” post. Yes, we get it that you are totally hooked on this girl. I just hope shes not cheating on you. Besides the fact that we are not interested in seeing a picture of both of ya kissing every week. Reality is we DO NOT CARE, every other guy is wondering what her mouth does.
  5. Celebrity
    1. If you think people do not care about the girlfriend post, trust and believe that the celebrities do not know of your existence. Bruh! lets keep it real, more than half of the people reading this do not have enough money to spend on those strippers we all love. On the other hand, if you are more of a Jennifer Lopez lover or Beyonce groupie sorry its just not in your cards.

Look this women crush Wednesday thing has never been for me. Not the one to publicizes the person I am dating and don’t have besties. On the other end, I don’t drool over these strippers and celebrities enough to post them as my #WCW. Moreover, lets not talk about people who post out of day ” she my women crush Wednesday everyday”. It clearly says Wednesday right?!

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