(Jorge Ruiz-Newark,NJ) Due to an injury, the New York Giants star, Victor Cruz has not played competitive football in months. Which has probably led to all he extra time he has been dedicating to his side chicks, fuck buddies or whatever you want to call them.

Am I surprised that he has more ladies beside his fiancee, which I think is ugly? no. But what we do know is that its all going to come to an end after the text Elaina sent out. This wasn’t just a text to one or two girls but a group text to ” introduce each one of you to each other. so we can all know who we have been fucking for the past several months”. Obviously, it seem like Elaina has been aware of these other ladies now for months and thought it would be great to introduce one another. To spice it up a little more she ended the text with ” feel free to exchange notes”. Whether she was talking about side chick tips or their behind doors work with Cruz, I am not sure.

We do know is that the New York Giants wide receives spot has been blown up.



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