Whats is your time worth?

On a random day, you decided you wanted to help. Confused as to why but something within was telling you to do something. You made the decision to go and give some money to a homeless person. Had to make sure  you did this very quick since you have a large amount of homework, a test and work later on.

You: Hi, how are you ?

The homeless man surprised and a bit shocked someone took the time to say hi and even ask how he was.

You: I just wanted to give you this.

As you take out you pocket $30 and hand it over to him. The homeless man became confused and ask

Homeless man: Why?

You: Why not? i just wanted to help out

Homeless man: Thank you

You: You are welcomed

Homeless man: That's very nice of you. whats your name?

You: My name is [YOUR NAME], and yours?

Homeless man: I'm Mark, God bless  you ... God bless you

You: No problem, nice to meet you mark.

Mark: Nice to meet you too.

With a very hopeless face, mark ask

Mark:Wanna sit?

That question through you off a bit, yet you already made a decision that you  wanted to help.

Mark: Please sit, Just for a minute maybe?

Seeing the light of hope in Mark eyes, you knew the choice that you wanted to make was to sit with him.

You: Ahh, yeah of course

As you try to clean up the spot that you are going to sit on

You: I got nothing to do. How you doing?

You actually had a large amount of things to do

Mark: I'm doing alright, been better. Its hard

You: I know! I'm sorry to hear that.

At this instant Mark had a feeling he hadn't felt in a very long time. A brilliant idea came to mind

Mark: Can you just stay here for a minute?

With a very disoriented face*

You: Where you going though?

Mark: Ill be right back, Ill be right back. Just wait one minute, please?

Not to sure as to what Mark had planned to go you decided to stay. You became a little worried and confused. Yet you waited anyways. Mark then came back and treated you with a surprise.

You: Hey how you doing mark?

As you noticed he went to the Chinese restaurant and brought a meal for two.

You: Whats this?

As he hands you over one of those white containers.

You: You didn't have to, the money was for you man.

Mark: Its on me, please take it.

You: Okay thank you so much.

Mark: Please sit and eat with me for a little bit. 

You: Of course I will!

Some how Mark pick your favorite food

You: ( very surprised voice ) This is my favorite! Thank  you so much mark. 

As you notice the steam coming off the food and how much you know Mark needs it more than you.

You: But you really didn't have to.

Mark: I haven't eaten a good meal in awhile

You: You know man if it makes you happy. I love this! (as you start to dig into your food)

You and mark continued to eat and enjoy this amazing food. Then Mark had something to say

Mark: I'm glad you are here with me.

You: I'm glad too.

Mark: it's lonely out here. People walk by and they ignore me. They could careless whether I'm dead or alive. 

You: I'm sorry to hear that people ignore you but you are definitely alive, breathing and that's all that matters. You're just as important as anyone else out here. 

Mark: Thank you, I really appreciate it.

You: You're welcome man.

Mark: It's great just to sit out here with somebody.

You: Well I'm gonna chill here with you, if you don't mind. So I hope I don't annoy you.

Mark: You won't, trust me. You won't.

People would pass by and be confused as to why you were sitting next to this homeless man on the floor. Wondering what in the world must you be thinking to take sit next to this man. 

You: I want you to know they're people out there who do care. And we are will to help. If you guys ask. Don't be ever ashamed for asking for help. We have both been there. We have both needed help. I guess you just wanted someone to spend time with you. huh?

Mark: (Nods yes)

You: Well I'm honored that I am that person. Cause you're a cool guy Mark


We forget how valuable our time can be to others. Spend your time wisely.  What's your time worth?





You Will Surprise What Happen When The Homeless Man Ask Him Wa...

You Will Surprise What Happen When The Homeless Man Ask Him Wait For 1 Minute...

Posted by KeeptheHeat on Thursday, August 27, 2015

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