This 21-Year-Old Swedish Bartender Looks Exactly Like Leonardo DiCaprio


If you ever find yourself throwing back drinks with a guy who looks suspiciously like Leonardo DiCaprio, chances are you’re sitting at Konrad Annerud’s bar in Sweden. (Either that, or you’re actuallydrinking with Leonardo DiCaprio. In which case, congratulations on being a gorgeous swimsuit model!)

Annerud, a 21-year-old nightclub bartender from Sweden, is currently making news for his uncanny resemblance to the 40-year-old movie star. But not surprisingly, Annerud says he (and everyone around him) has been aware of their similar looks for years.

“I am told I resemble Leo quite often,” he told Sweden’s Nyheter 24,adding that “it can be quite annoying sometimes when people call me ‘Leo’ instead of my real name.”

On the whole, however, Annerud says he’ll gladly listen to the comparisons if it means having a face like Leo. “It’s fun to look like him. I mean, he’s handsome,” he reportedly told the news outlet.


Lucky for us, Annerud also quite enjoys posting pictures of himself (via Instagram) to illustrate his movie-star looks. Take a peek below, and tell us if you’d be able to tell the difference if Konrad walked up to you on the street:

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