Let me ask you something… Why do women cheat?

Why do you think they go out of their way to sleep with another guy when they’re already in a relationship with you?

Well there’s actually no simple answer.

In fact, it’s a bunch of things that cause cheating girlfriends to do this over a lengthy period of time.

Today I’m going to let you in the woman’s mindset when it comes to cheating and uncover why she’s actually doing it… and how to stop it.

So here goes…



These aren’t sure fire “set in stone” indicators that she’s cheating on you…. BUT they are a pretty decent indicator of something not being quite right in a relationship, so you should look into it further.

  • Very distant with communication – When you text her, does she take hours to reply? I’m talking several hours. It’s understandable if she’s busy and can’t text you back for an hour or so, but it shouldn’t be several hours. Also when you call, does she pickup or does it go straight to voicemail?
  • Appears as though she’s hiding something – When you’re with her and she gets a text or call, does she take her phone somewhere else… even hide the phone from your view?
  • Cancels on your plans – When you both have plans for going out, does she cancel last minute and has she done so on many occasions?


Ok, so let’s assume that we’re all looking at what would be viewed as a “normal” relationship. I would say that anything she does with a guy on a physical level could be considered cheating… so even something as simple as kissing.

But that really does depend on what you’re like as a guy, you might think that kissing is ok but full blown sex is definitely cheating.


Now we know what cheating is, here’s exactly why she’s doing it and what you MUST do about it to stop it from happening.

  • You’re not the same guy that first attracted her – When you first met, everything was new and exciting for both of you. But over time as you become more comfortable with each other, certain things become a bit stale. You need to remember what it was that she loved about your personality in the beginning and be “that” guy again.
  • You suck in bed – Bro, you seriously need to work on your bedroom skills. Learn how to make her orgasm, read up on some foreplay tips and become the bedroom ninja that she’s looking for. If you aren’t satisfying her, then she’ll get bored REALLY fast.
  • She needs more excitement – If you’re sitting at home every night with her, this will get extremely boring. You need to plan some date ideas that will surprise her, that you’ll both enjoy. This will ensure that she doesn’t get bored and actually looks forward to seeing you.
  • You’re far too insecure – Everyone has some insecurities, but if those insecurities are getting you down and you actually have more than her, this can be a huge turnoff for her. Women like strong, confident and secure men… you need to be that man.
  • You’re too negative – Negativity is a drain on energy for both you and her, if you’re always negative around her she will anchor these bad feelings and begin to dislike you. So stop being such a douche and be more positive bro.
  • She’s feeling undervalued – Girls need attention from their man, if they feel as though you’re not giving them enough attention they will look for it elsewhere. Now you don’t need to smother her, but you do need to keep things spontaneous so that she can see that you care.
  • To get you back for cheating on her – If you cheated on her before, then there’s a chance that she’s looking to get you back. Women can be spiteful, so this will always be a possibility.



So that’s why women cheat dude. If you want to stop it from happening, then you need do the opposite of what’s turning her off, it won’t be easy and it will take time, that’s also if you want to stick around with your “cheating” girlfriend.

Let me know your thoughts below…

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