Here, Drake is insinuating that he was staying in the hotel room above Meek Mill when his diss track “Back to Back” dropped, taunting Meek by playing it on repeat.

Well, hours after “Summer Sixteen” dropped on Beats 1’s OVO Sound Radio, Meek Mill posted a response, “War Pain,” to his SoundCloud. The quick response time is, according to Meek’s Instagram, because “the ghost writer told me”—in other words, that Quentin Miller, the man Meek accused of being Drake’s ghostwriter on a number of tracks that kicked off their whole summer skirmish, had informed Meek of “Summer Sixteen’s” lyrics prior to its unveiling. It’s a boss move by Meek, and a far cry from this past summer when it took him an entire week to respond to the Drake disses “Charged Up” and “Back to Back,” only to come up limp.

“War Pain” opens by setting the scene: Meek is holed up in The Four Seasons Toronto “countin’ five hundred thousand cash” while girlfriend Nicki Minaj is in the bedroom sleeping. Meanwhile, Drake and his crew are “right upstairs, they know not to come up here playin’ no real niggas.” So Meek is confirming the portion of “Summer Sixteen” alleging that Drake and his boys were in the room above him when “Back to Back” came out, just not the trolling part.

Later on in the song, Meek threatens to rob Drake and raps, “With your lil memes, I be with the real queen”—this being Queen Nicki. He then references the portion of “Summer Sixteen” that inexplicably invoked Jay Z, with Drake rapping, “I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella then I turned into Jay.”

“See an OVO chain, probably take that shit / Said dreamin’ wasn’t enough, we had to chase that shit / You ain’t write it nigga, we caught ya, can’t erase that shit / And you claimin’ you HOV now? Why you state that shit?” raps Meek.

He continues, “Man, I hate that shit, niggas be talkin’ out they face / But soon as you body somethin’ they be singin’ like they Drake / Wait, niggas dancin’ like they fruitcakes / Hotline Bling, don’t get no bing up in this new Wraith / Pull up the plug, swap that bag with the suitcase.”

Everyone—present company included—had counted Meek out, but between this and his recent “Im Da Plug Freestyle,” it seems Philly’s finest has finally channeled his inner Adonis Creed, lacing up the gloves and hopping in the ring with Drizzy.

Meek closes things out on “War Pain” by referencing Drake’s allegedy robbery in his native city of Toronto.

“DC4 on the way, that’s nigga’s due date / Robbed you in your city and you told / Tory from the 6, you hatin’ on him, Lord knows / Culture vulture, now it’s time to pay the tolls,” spits Meek.

From the looks of it, this battle has only just begun.

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