Government name, Moises Santiago, this rising Brooklyn aspiring artist known as MoBars is a contributor to the Hip Hop culture. Categorized as a free thinker, he has recording and performing the past 3 years hitting stages from New York City to Maryland. Connecting with the people, and building his awareness he has been putting in the ground work acquiring supporters and perfecting his craft. Putting the finishing touches on his Zips EP which is scheduled for a Summer 2017 release, it is the perfect follow up to his Executive Orders debut. His discography to date includes work with legendary producer Rockwilder, and feature via legendary Huffington Post publication and millennial phenomenon Team Back Pack are highlights of his tenure.

"My goal is to restore Hip Hops culture with my unique sounds and heavy boom bap influence. I am striving to bring lyricism back while infusing the trends of todays landscape. My music is a reflection of my truth. It is a result of my life experiences from death, to love, betrayal, and failure. I remember hearing Jay Z's Blueprint, and being influenced by his environment and the things I has seen first hand and dealth with everyday. It made me feel as if the music represented me. I want to do that for others. "

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