Over the last three months the people of Venezuela have protested against the countries ongoing political, humanitarian and economic crisis. Unfortunately, more than 80 protestors have died attempting to be a voice for the country. On July 5th the town of west new york gather up on 60th street and boulevard east in remembrance of their commitment to better the country. They addressed ways to aid people on the ground in a time of great need.

Besides the political figures that were present such as, Felix Roque, the mayor of West New York. The ideologist of this entire event, Almer Martins, brought the Venezuelan on air talent of La Mega 97.9 Jessica Pereira. She address the crowd with her own families experience and how her family struggles as much as any other Venezuelan. More over she said “hay que destapar para poder enfrentar” Eng: We need to open the issue to confront it. In addition, Jessica Perreira along with Almer Martins have taken the initiative to provide anyone who is willing to donate items or monetary donations with the shipping details to the company providing the best service to the country.

Below you will find the pictures of the event



JESSICA PEREIRA @jessicapereirag

ALMER MARTINS @almermartins

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